We have have several successful aged and new business startups. We continue to grow our companies with the help of more than 20,000 people in our global network

We start and sell startup’s to investors and entrepreneurs around the world. Our successful online marketing strategies, make an investment in a new startup strong & stable. Examples include CM Financial 150K, AGF Group 200K, GO Networks 175K, Forte Media 50K,  Forte Consulting 100K, Forte Solutions 250K. We have new startup’s in different life cycle phases. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a company. Other spin-off’s include, Greatsites Shopping Network, Solutions Group, Clear Network, Make the Difference Network, 

Global BusinessLounge Services

Marketing & Advertising

Our internal marketing & advertising agency is top notch. This department works with our project consultants to help other companies successfully market and advertise their products, branding and events.

Media Production & Management

ReImagine Media is the core of our business.  Reimagine Media provides photography services, video production, music production, model agency, graphic design, music label, artist management & news media / journalism.

Web Design SEO Marketing

Reimagine Web Design creates modern, responsive, eye-catching, affordable, SEO Friendly Websites.  We help grow existing and new businesses that want a strong web presence and top ranking Google search results.

Video / Film Production

Our producer has produced American TV series shows, music shows/concerts, films, corporate advertisements and commercials.  What ever your unique requirement, we can fulfill it.

Agency / Distribution

We are agency. That means whether you have a product, film, model, music, concept, that needs distribution, we find it for you.  Our modeling agents help our models find work within our global network, our film agency helps Producers find everything they need for their project, what we don’t have we find within our global partner network.

Financial Network

Our financial network, primarily works with consumers, coaching them to financial success.  Secondary, we use our partner network for  startup funding sources, and venture capital.


We work in partnership with all types of business projects

  • Project Management
  • Startup’s
  • Web Design, SEO, Social Networking
  • Evaluation
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Media – Photography, Music & Video Production

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